Retired and Discontinued Pins

By popular demand, here is a list of pin designs that were either "limited edition", or have been retired to make room for new designs!  If the pin you've been looking for is not on this list, then it will be back in stock soon!


Tertia Oculus (White & Rose Gold)

Only 100 of these pins were released to the public!


Tertia Oculus

This was my first ever pin design.  It was retired in 2017 to make room for new pin designs!  Seconds of this pin may still be sold at physical vending events, depending on how many I find hiding in the cracks! 


50k Fox Pin

This was released as a pre-sale only pin to celebrate 50k followers on Instagram.  360 pins were manufactured– 300 were sold during the 50k giveaway, with a remaining 60 ordered to accommodate for defects or lost mail.  50k fox pins seconds will be sold at in-person vending events and available for trade while supplies last!


Moth of Mythos (Silver)

This pin is still in my shop!  Once it's gone, seconds will be listed and then this pin will be gone for good.  200 units were manufactured.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.59.53 PM.png

Bat Pin

Although they were not originally intended to be limited edition, only 100 of these pins were made before I retired the design.  


Celestial Deer Skull (Gold)

This design was retired to make room for new pins!


Celestial Deer Skull (Silver)

This design was retired to make room for new pins!

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.59.29 PM.png

Tertia Oculus (THE O.G.)

This was my very very first run of my very first design, "Tertia Oculus".  This first batch had a lot of errors and I learned a whole lot about the pin making process!  Only 100 were released that looked like this, before I revamped the design and went to a new supplier.