Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact me if your question isn't answered here!


Can I get a tattoo of your work?

Unless otherwise stated, I am fine with people getting tattoos of my work as long as credit is given (for example, if you post photos of it online)!  So many wonderful people have offered to pay me for permission to use my design as a tattoo.  While I think a payment system would be too difficult to enforce, I've opened up a virtual tip jar for such occasions.  Please do check it out if you feel so inclined!


Are you open for tattoo commissions?

I am currently hesitant to take tattoo commissions, as I am not myself a tattoo artist.  Tattooing is a completely different medium, and many of the things that are easy to do in pen and ink may be a lot more difficult to recreate as a tattoo.  Tattoo artists train for years to be where they are, and I feel like I would be stepping on some toes if I started doing commissions specifically for tattoo designs!


How much does shipping cost?

At this time, shipping costs on all merchandise are approximately $3 for domestic orders, $9.50 for orders to Canada or Mexico, and $13.50 for all other international orders, minimum.  Unfortunately, this is something I have little control over– I am very sorry for that inconvenience!


Can you combine two of my orders?

Yes!  As long as neither order has already been fulfilled, two orders can be merged together to save on shipping.  Just use the contact form and we will be in touch!